I would rather be blogging than doing the work I initially came here to do. I think I’m a serial blog-creator. I’ve had quite a few over the years, but I think my trouble is that when I set them up, I publicize them to my friends and family and eventually something happens that I want to write about but I can’t because someone might read it, and with that I feel censored and I abandon ship. Another bad habit of blog creation I have is pigeon-holing myself into a specific topic or theme and then running out of material. For this blog, I am making some resolutions:

1. I will not publicize to my friends and family. This blog is for the millions of people I don’t know, not those I know and talk to regularly.

2. I’m not committing myself to a specific theme. I hereby promise to write about anything and everything that pops into my head and not limit myself to me, love, work, apartment, food, clothes, music, clubs, traveling, or dating. If common themes emerge, maybe I’ll create categories. Maybe.

So, can you handle it? Already, this promises to be dirty, caddy, soulful, deep, petty, touching, humorous, and frustrating. Huh…this blog is me. From my perspective. I make no promises to be fair or balanced on the issues. I make no promises to be 100% truthful, even to myself. I see things the way I see them, and they will spill out onto the page thusly. Yes, thusly (it’s a word now).

I know that writers don’t care about who they offend or upset with their writing. I don’t have this luxury. Historically, I have known that if I write what it on my mind and the wrong person reads it, I’ll be in trouble. Or, I’ll suffer the consequences for a fall-out. Without publicizing, I hope to vent what is happening in my life, get honest feedback on it (that’s where you come in! I love comments!), and not hurt anyone in the process. Win/win, no?