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Today, I had an appointment for the internet to be installed. Ben came over last night and while he was there they called to confirm my appt.
Ben heard my conversation and stopped me. “Rega rega rega (wait wait wait)…What are you buying?” He asked me. “Internet. Shut up.” I said.  “How much are they charging you?” “100 shekels for 5-mega and wifi.” “What?!? Do you want me to speak to them?” He asked. “If you think you should…” I said. He asked for my phone and started talking to the guy.

After a few moments of pleasant Hebrew conversation, Ben started yelling. Then he hung up on the guy. “What happened???” I asked. “I wanted to know if he thought he was funny charging you 100NIS for only 5-mega when I know for a fact that my brother has 12-mega and pays 100NIS! Then, he started asking me ‘who the !#$% are you?’ Who the !#$% and I?!?! I’m the king as far as he’s concerned! So I hung up!” Ohh.. “So, what now?” I asked.

Then they called back. More yelling after a few moments of nice.”Now what?!” I asked. Ben explained: “This woman was yelling at me that I can’t speak to her representative like that so, I asked her if she listened to the tape. She wouldn’t answer me so, I asked louder. She still wouldn’t listen so, I hung up! …I’m loving this.” Ben said with a big grin. “Well, I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. But, what about my internet???”

not Ben…but close.

After the 3rd phone call and Ben ripping the girl’s head off verbally, my appointment for today was officially canceled. Apparently, this girl had the nerve to call Ben “rude” and that sent him over the edge. Ben feels strongly about customer service because he is a customer service rep of sorts and is always pleasant as can be to his customers (or so he says).

“So, congratulations. The responsibility of getting me internet is now in your hands,” I told him. “You were going to be overcharged. Then they started to get rude. Customer service should never speak to the customer like that. So I yelled at them for trying to take advantage of you because you don’t speak Hebrew. We need to find you a new internet provider.”

And then he did. For 35NIS cheaper a month except now I have to buy my own router.

I’m grateful but the whole situation was so comical in a balls-being-thrown-around kind of way.

I don’t know when the new company is going to come install. They are supposed to call me tomorrow. I think I’ll leave Ben out of further negotiations; not that I intended to involve him in the first round.