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I am beginning to flip out.

I have exactly one month from today to do the following:

-finish moving
-check out of the dorms
-find a job (or at least come close to it)
-finish presenting my citizenship documents
-finish classes (and homework) for my master’s degree
-go to the doctor
-write a basic questionnaire research tool for my thesis research and get it approved

Then, I have exactly 2 months to:

-get my Israeli olah hadasha visa
-go to a different doctor
-see friends and family in 3 states
-clean up affairs regarding my American taxes
-eat Chinese food
-write 4 final papers
-continue the job hunt (or not, hopefully)

Today on skype, my mother actually said to me “I can’t discuss this with you right now because I’ll get really stressed out.” Well, gee! If you get stressed out hearing about it, how do you think I feel carrying it around in my head all day? I did ask her if this was just a today thing, or if I’m not allowed to discuss these things at all until I come visit and they are over and taken care of. She laughed. I wasn’t kidding.

In the meantime, while all this other stuff is magically happening, I am doing homework, reading, writing, teaching twice a week, tutoring 2-3 times a week, attending lectures, and taking care of myself (eating, showering, sleeping, etc.). And I wonder why I am so tired every night.

Let’s just fast-forward to August 1st: I’m a whole Israeli citizen. I have a job that I am looking forward to starting in September at a great school. I am tutoring on the side and putting the finishing touches on my apartment while I leisurely go between the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Absorption putting my information in order and starting my real life in Israel on the right foot. What are the odds of this actually happening?

Can it be August 1st now?