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This whole thing is so strange. I’ve been “officially living” with Allen since last night and it has proven to be the most bizarre situation I’ve ever found myself in…

Allen and I are strangers. We met 2 days ago. Now, with me being in his apartment, we seem to be pretending to be in a relationship of sorts. We call and check in with each other, we go about our business, we sleep in the same bed, we even had sex last night. I came home from a meeting today and met his sister-in-law really quickly, but excused myself to go shower as if I have been living downstairs for years, dating Allen my whole life. Not two people who just met a few days ago.

It’s so strange. I have a key. I’ve been lounging in my pajamas for most of the afternoon because since coming back at 11:30, I don’t have anything to do, really, except prepare for tomorrow. He’s come and gone a few times and now he’s having lunch with his mother. And here I am, alone in his apartment.

I keep thinking about what my best friend said about filling a void. Yes, it’s nice to sleep next to someone again, but he doesn’t hold me all night like I’m used to. He’s soft and sweet and gentle. He kisses me and looks at me kindly, but I don’t think I feel anything for him. The next two days will be interesting. And it might be more interesting to see if I last the whole 72 hours.