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I’ve been in the states now for about a week. So far, I’ve been to 2 different grocery stores, 3 trips to 2 different Walmarts, 2 trips to BJ’s, and ate one meal at a Denny’s. Have I mentioned how much I did not miss any of this?

Life at home with my parents is far from exciting and luxurious. My parents are, shall we say, on the older side of the spectrum so, day to day life is slow and easy going. A lot of napping. A lot of eating. A lot of TV watching. A lot of everything I don’t get a lot of at home in Israel. Yes, it is nice to be pampered by my mother and have nothing better to do but lie around and relax in the air conditioning. But after a day or so of all this nothingness, a girl goes a little cabin-fever-crazy.

My mom must have sensed my aggravation at being so bored because she insisted I accompany her to the craft store one day. While there, she encouraged a $5 purchase of string and beads to make macrame friendship bracelets (you know, the kind you used to make at Girl Scout Camp). The distraction for my hands was welcome at first while I made my own summery anklet. When I was done, my mom insisted I make one for her too. Then, my older sister wanted one. Then my other older sister heard I was in the bracelet-making business and demanded a custom bracelet from 6 states away! I’ve only finished two so far. One for me and one for mom. Then, my thumb started to hurt so I had to stop. Returning to America has made me weak.

So, after spending a week going to bed before 7:30PM and waking up before 6:00AM, eating three MAJOR meals a day, and doing generally nothing in between, all I can say is that it’s good to be here, but I will be happy to go back home. I have 9 days left here in the South, then 10 days in NJ, followed by 7 days in NYC. Then, I’ll be on the plane heading back to the holy land a full-fledged olah hadasha. I am counting down the minutes.

I’ve been so bad about remembering to blog. I promise I will try to be better (try being the operative word).