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Roses are red, Violets are blue…

I suppose when trying to vamp on a topic, it doesn’t really matter what the topic is specifically. Something like roses begs a writer to explore what roses symbolize, specific occasions when roses are given or received, emotions that are evoked by seeing roses, or some deep thinking about the physicality of roses and how it translates into how fragile and beautiful life or love (or both) can be. This is not one of those posts.

Roses, to me, don’t require a lot of thought. Roses are the go-to flower for romance and the easy solution for a man at a quicky-mart store or gas station who has forgotten the special occasion gift. Roses are the drunken spur-of-the-moment gesture made out of convenience and whimsy.

Roses were always sold by the rose-man just as the goth club was closing. Walking around in the darkness of the club, carrying a 5 gallon bucket filled with individually cellophaned red roses and carnations, tapping people on the shoulder while they are dancing and offering flowers for sale to the drunken spooky couples.

Flowers start dying the moment you cut them from their parent plant. Flowers, though pretty, can be so much more meaningful and rewarding if given in the form of a plant. Some people believe that flowers have a language of their own. In other words, certain flowers are meant to represent certain messages; colors have different meanings; types of flowers are for types of occasions; numbers of flowers in bunches indicate certain things too. If someone puts stock in all of this symbolism, the irony lies in giving a gift that is impermanent, dying, temporary, and impossible to save or preserve perfectly to someone they care about and want to send a love ever-lasting message to. Flowers are such a strange gift.

Plants on the other hand require attention and love and will grow and bloom and reward the care taker with beauty and abundance. Plants go through dormant periods and growth spurts, just like human relationships. Plants need love and attention, but too much will kill the plant. Plants take on a life of their own and grow the way they see fit to, just like a healthy relationship. Plants clean the air. Plants are the better, more thoughtful gift that keeps on giving.

That’s how I see it, at least.