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disclaimer: my boredom has affected my ability to write a coherent blog post. I apologize in advance for the following mental vomit, but as my mom always says, “Better out than in.”

Believe it or not, my life at home feels more like a holiday despite the stress, the bills, and the daily grind than my actual holiday feels here in the US.

How can I tell that I’ve grown up? The fact that I’ve stayed in my pajamas for 2 days straight and haven’t set foot outside of the house actually bothers me. 5 years ago, it wouldn’t have even occurred to me that I haven’t been dressed in awhile. I am trying to appreciate the slow pace here at my parents’ house, knowing that this is quality time that I don’t often get to share with them. They are getting older, I live very far away, plane tickets are expensive. I get it; I do. But, it is easy to lose sight of this bigger picture after 15 days of the biggest thing to look forward to being each meal and the occasional trip to Walmart’s pharmacy. Truth be told, the day with the most excitement was the day I went to the GYN and the eye doctor in one day. Woo.Hoo.

If I had planned appropriately, I could have blogged these 30 days in the US by the meals I’ve had everyday. Seriously, it’s the only thing that seems to change. And, with the exception of one unfortunate chicken dish, the food has been mom’s best and most delicious.

My sister will be arriving on Monday night to whisk me away to the North where life promises to be a little busier and a little more expensive. There is shopping to do and errands to run. Leaving my parents and the South will be bittersweet.

Meanwhile, I continue to write in my blog, follow the news on TV and online, eat, and monitor my oleh visa process and the production of my prescription sunglasses (that I ordered on July 2nd and still haven’t shipped yet – if they don’t ship soon, I may launch a full social media campaign against them). Life is ever so exciting these days. Can you even handle it?