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“I would do BAD things to you right now,” Ben typed to me via skype. It was 5AM his time, 10PM here on the East coast and I could feel everything inside me light up, alert and at attention. It feels so good to be wanted. “When are you coming home, again?” He asked me. There’s that word again, home. The combination of the phrasing of the question and the fact that is was Ben asking, made me want to smile in happiness and cry out of longing.

We skyped. There wasn’t a lot of deep conversation that took place. I got to see him and he got to see me. It was pleasant and a provided a nice reminder for what lies in store for both of us when I get home. In fact, we made plans for the night I land. Of course, Ben is Israeli so plans made so far in advance aren’t necessarily carved in stone, but I’m 95% confident that August 2nd will be a much needed, long, sleepless night for both of us. Generally, I try not to have any expectations, but in this particular situation, it’s hard not to…

I can’t wait. It’s all I can think about.

Tomorrow is my last day in the land of  expansive plains, tobacco fields, Walmarts and Chic-fil-as. I’m blowing this sweltering hot boring Popsicle stand for a landscape a little more, shore-like. Boardwalks, beaches, casinos, fake-orange-tans, and big hair here I come (on Tuesday)! This puts me one step closer to NYC, which puts me one step closer to getting back on the plane.

And we all know (more or less) what is waiting for me on the other side of the plane. My whole life.

Tired of hearing about Ben yet? Let me know and I’ll try to stop obsessing. 🙂