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Positive update time! My relationship with that horrible school is officially terminated. Mere words simply cannot express just how relieved I am to have that train-wreck out of my life. Now, I can concentrate all my energy on my wonderful music students. Conveniently, I quit just before Rosh Hashana meaning that I was able to eat my apples and honey in celebration with a clear mind. No anxiety, no stress, no problems. The perfect way to start the new year!
Now that I have three whole extra days in my week that have become usable, I have set a goal for myself to finish one paper by September 30th, another by October 15th, and then get cracking on my thesis by the end of October. Back to having meetings, going to the school, and starting the process with the kids’ parents. All of a sudden, everything seems much more manageable.

I have been going on little dates here and there, nothing too exciting or noteworthy, unfortunately. Ben is still around, although he and I decided to stop sleeping over at each others’ place. Really, it makes no difference to me, but Ben seems to think that the slumber party is just over the “relationship line.” It’s funny that sex, heavy conversations, going out, giving advice, cooking together, kissing, and hanging out naked together are all things that do not cross the line, but as Ben said “we have to draw the line somewhere.” OK with me! I rather like it when he leaves and I can get a good night sleep anyway!

Yom Kippur is just days away and I am busy (in my head) making plans for this extraordinary day. It is literally illegal to drive in Israel on Yom Kippur so the roads are deserted. The city and the country is silent except for the sounds of children on the street. Last year, I had the misfortune of living in Ramat Aviv where I was stranded far far far away from anything interesting. This year, however, is another story! Now that I live smack in the center of the center, I am planning a nice day of wandering the streets in the general direction of the beach. I’ll see what there is to see, and hopefully find somewhere nice to sit and reflect.

OK..I have run out of things to write about while I procrastinate writing this paper. Time for me to go do research so that I have something to write the paper about. Wish me luck, shana tova, and a good holiday time to you all!