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In the past two weeks I have:

  • put up a two Christmas shows for school
  • finished teaching for the term
  • started my last final paper – and wrote 9 pages as of today
  • tutored 27 hours
  • downloaded 4 books for my kindle
  • gone on 3 dates
  • fixed my bank account
  • updated my bus pass
  • survived the end of the Mayan calendar
  • started crocheting again
  • cooked one serious omelet

Today is Christmas. It’s not exactly a holiday of note in this city, so it’s a day that is pretty much business as usual. Like last year, I’m doing work for school; like last year I will tutor this afternoon. And just like last year, I’m wondering what my family is doing and missing them a little more than usual.

I keep moving forward but in the quiet moments of my day, I am contemplative. Everything happens for a reason. Right?

I have no expectations of anyone (myself included), except one of myself: finish my MA. Aside from this, I am a quarter-filled notebook with a portion of a story written and the middle and ending completely unknown. Anything Everything is possible.

Just watch…You’ll see.