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To whoever it was who found my blog by googling “what is a girl supposed to do in skype sex?”:I hope you found the advice or tips you were looking for. But, knowing my posts, you probably did not have the specifics you were likely looking for. So, here it is: Skype sex, it seems to me, is one step above phone sex. When you can’t touch the other person, it’s all about activating the imagination. Although on skype you need less imagination because you have the video option, it is still about teasing, tantalizing, and seducing your partner because of the possibilities. Yes, you can see, yes you can hear, but no touching. So, what is a girl supposed to do? The easy answer is whatever you are comfortable with that will turn your partner on. Is there a certain part of your body your partner likes? Maybe he wants to watch you touch yourself. Maybe your partner gets off on watching you get off. The options are limitless. Just, a very important thing to remember is that you must be vocal. When there is no touching, words and sounds are like touches for our brains. Vocalizing is what brings the whole things to life. Say your partner’s name, get into dirty talk, and he will respond by doing the same for you. Without the talking parts, you might as well be watching a slow-moving masturbation porn on mute. And finally, you just have to let go of the fact that skype sex is cheesy. If you are resorting to skype sex, it is probably because that is your best option with your partner at the moment, so embrace it and have fun with it!

To whoever found my blog by googling “how to be romantic to a girl I’m causally dating“:
Well, sir, I don’t know you or your situation, but I am betting that your trouble is in your definition of “casually dating.” If you are actually “casual,” romance has no business being part of the equation. You see, it’s romance that really draws a girl in; it gets their emotions bubbling, their gears turning, and their blood pumping. So, if the goal for you is keep it casual, FWBs style, leave romance out of it. It takes a very together, self-aware, strong-willed and yet delusional girl  woman to enjoy romance and maintain the emotional distance necessary for a casual thing. On the other hand, the fact that you are looking for ways to be romantic tells me that maybe you like her more than as something casual. Maybe you want it to be a little more serious than that. Here are some romance tips in general: the devil is in the details. Does she like a certain kind of coffee or tea? When she sleeps over, make sure you have it ready to offer to her in the morning. Cooking for her is always a good option too. Or giving her something small she said she needed or wanted when she thought you weren’t listening. You don’t need to go as far as fancy romantic dinners out on the town with bottles of red wine, although wine is always a nice touch. Go somewhere that is less expected and make it a moment that the two of you share; a walk in a park, a hole-in-the-wall bar, a cute cafe. Whatever you do, if you are happy and/or excited to do it with her she will think it’s so romantic. Women love it when men seem to put thought into things. 😉

And finally, to whoever found me by googling “why are Israeli men so strange?”:
I have no idea. And I’m sure you found not answers in my blog, and for that I am sorry. I have a theory that it has something to do with the army…

That’s all for now, folks!