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That’s right, folks! This girl finally got her sh*t together, went out, picked up a man and closed the deal! Finally! Leon, is 30, a head taller than me, thick brown hair, bright blue eyes, and owns a well-known boutique-y clothing and accessories store on one of the trendy streets here in Tel Aviv. He’s nice, sexy, and charming. Oh, how I love the charming ones! After meeting a week ago, slyly slipping him my number, and texting on and off during the week, we finally met up last night for a drink.

We met at a bar/venue near my apartment. We didn’t know it but that night a fairly popular band was playing. We left when they started.

While at the bar, I had two glasses of wine and he had two beers. We talked in very broad terms about our situations in life: work, school, romance. He’s in a fuzzy break area with a serious ex, but he does not think they are going to get back together. I didn’t care. I just needed someone to help me break the 64-day celibacy streak.

He told me that when we first met last week with my girlfriend, that he thought that my friend was interested in him and that I side-stepped around her, thwarting her efforts, when I put my number into his phone. He wanted to make sure he didn’t cause any “problems” between me and my friend by coming out with me. I told him to get over himself and that it didn’t even occur to me that my friend could have been into him. That night last week, he was flirting with me and staying in English despite my friend’s efforts to talk to him in Hebrew. He even moved his seat to sit next to me instead of his original seat next to her. There was no doubt in my mind which one of us he was into. Or maybe I’m a ego-maniacal narcissist. Either way, I was right. And my friend is fine.

We talked about how Israeli men are so romantic and attentive. I told him that the first experience I had with someone calling all the time and wanting to see me everyday was when I first arrived and, at the time, I just thought that Israeli men were needy. Leon told me that that’s not typical behavior of an Israeli. I laughed and wholeheartedly disagreed; “that has certainly been my experience” I told him. He shrugged it off.

About 20 minutes later, when we were making out at our little corner table, he whispered in my ear, “Now I understand what all those other men felt. They’re not needy, you’re addictive.”

After another glass of wine, we left. Walking back to my apartment, he stopped in a cafe quickly to relieve himself. I waited outside, smoking my cigarette. While I was waiting, this man walking by, probably in his 30’s, stopped to pick me up. After failing to speak to me in Hebrew, he switched to English. “You come with me, now?”

me: No, thank you, my boyfriend will be right out.
him: I’m hetzi/hetzi (half/half) Italian, you know!
me: That’s very nice, but no thank you.
him: You are so beautiful! I’ll take your number?
me: laughing No, my boyfriend won’t like that.
him: One night?
me: No, thank you.
him: One hour?
me: still laughing No…

He started to back away stating loudly, “Well, you can’t blame me for trying! You so beautiful!” Then he started to say other stuff but it was in Hebrew and he was too far away. Leon came out of the cafe just in time to witness the last few moments of my encounter with this man. The timing could not have been more perfect. He firmly took my hand and said, “I was only gone for 5 minutes!” in a shocked and amused voice. I could tell that he liked it. “Please don’t leave me alone again,” I said coyly.

From there, we walked the rest of the way to my place. We weren’t in the door more than 5 minutes when he was undressing himself and me seemingly simultaneously. He wanted me, he had to have me.

The night was so fun. The actual sex was ok; nothing earth-shattering. But, the foreplay and the attitude is there. He was holding on to me so tightly, scratching me, pulling my hair..

Let’s be honest. In the bedroom, Ben is a tough act for anyone to follow. But, that being said, Leon has some serious potential.

He spent the night. I slept with him holding me all night. It was nice but it seemed like maybe a little too much for what I’m hoping will just be a one- or two- (at most three) night-stand. We woke up slowly this morning, lying in bed, talking, kissing (he is a really good kisser), when finally, around 9:30, we got up. Then, finally around 12pm, he left and I went on with my day.

Will I see him again? I’m not sure. Was it super fun? Yes. So, what’s wrong with him? He needs to sort out his ex-girlfriend situation. And I told him as much. He was a good reintroduction to being a desirable, datable, loveable woman again, but will it go further than that? I doubt it. Then, again, who knows what the future will bring?