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prompt: who drinks coffee at a time like this, she thought. and why the purple cape?

“Who drinks coffee at a time like this,” she thought? “And why the purple cape,” she asked herself as she opened the door, trying to maintain her cool-as-a-cucumber-I-do-this-all-the-time smile. She had spent the 15 minutes before the doorbell rang trying to perfect her sultry look. She had never ordered a male “escort” before, but tonight was different. She was in a strange city where no one knew who she was on the night that her divorce was finally complete. “You only live once,” she told herself. If she ever had any hope of getting back on the dating-horse, this seemed to be the logical catalyst.

As of this moment, the only man she had ever been with like that was her now ex-husband. And there, standing in her hotel room was the man that would change everything for her. There he was casually sipping his starbucks, wearing a ridiculous purple cape. “May I take your cape?” She asked him, not really knowing what else to say. Before she knew it, he was on her, kissing her passionately and taking her into his surprisingly strong, muscular arms. She stopped him for a moment, “Is your name really Giorgio?” she asked breathlessly, remembering the business card she found that led her to him. Suddenly she was not bothered at all by the cape. “I’m anyone you want me to be tonight, baby,” he breathed as he kissed down her neck to her chest.

He sat up, untied the cape from around his neck, and through it to the floor, landing in a puddle of purple velvet. He looked down at her with a wide knowing grin. “He can tell I’ve never done this before,” she thought as she stared uncomfortably up at him. Suddenly, without the cape, all of this just seemed wrong to her. Although it was the cape that had taken her by surprise when she first opened the door, now without it, he just seemed like some stranger she had let in to her hotel room who only had one thing in mind. Who was she kidding, that is exactly who he was. She didn’t even know his name and he was there to have sex with her, because she asked for it. Trying to hide the panic, smothering the moment of temporary clarity happening in her head, she thought “It’s too late to back out now.” So, she did the only thing she could thing of doing in that moment: she blushed a bit and coyly asked him, “can we keep the cape on?”