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The other day, I absentmindedly picked up my phone and typed “patience” into the notepad app to see if I knew how to spell it correctly. Yesterday, I went grocery shopping and upon opening my shopping list on my phone at the store, there, at the bottom of the list was “patience.”

I had accidentally put patience at the end of my shopping list. I’ve never done something so accidentally meaningful.

Patience is something I could definitely use more of. I’m always being told that I have to be more patient in terms of waiting to see how things will work out, or hearing about important decisions, or usually about finding love.



I’m supposed to see Neil again tonight. Yeah, I know we decided that he was boring and not worth having to talk to again, but he called again and again and I figured what’s the harm? We go on one more date and I become that much more sure that he’s not for me, or it’s awesome and he starts to change my mind. Right? It’s just another couple hours.