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My sister will be here on Wednesday. My sister who swore she would never, ever come visit me. My sister who gave me the hardest of hard times about moving to Israel. My sister who doesn’t travel alone, doesn’t like to fly, and can’t stand change. My sister is coming to see me…on Wednesday.

I am SO excited. I am also nervous, anxious, a bit stressed, and worried. But, mostly excited.

She’ll be staying with me in my apartment that I have lovingly named “the shoebox” and what she calls “the postage stamp.” Yep, my one-room apartment is small, folks. And she’ll be staying here with me, in my bed with me, up the 10 ladder steps to get to my gallery-style bed. She’ll shower in my bathroom that doesn’t separate sink, shower, and toilet area, and she’ll squeegee up after herself. She’ll wait 20 minutes for the dood (the water heater) to heat up if she wants hot water in the shower, and she’ll eat whatever I can cook between my hotplate and my over-sized toaster oven. She’ll live like a real [poor] Tel Avivian.

I make it really sound like roughing it. It’s not that bad. I have internet, mazgan (air conditioning), and enough space for a small sofa and a small table/desk. Plenty of people come over and marvel at how tiny yet comfortable and efficient my apartment is. Most importantly, I live in a great part of the city with everything at my finger tips! But, for her, coming from her mcmansion in the suburbs of New York, with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a full kitchen, and 2 car garage just for her and her husband, my way of life is not what she’s used to.

The moral of this story is that I’ll likely have one more post in the next day or two, but while she’s here I won’t be able to post. She’ll be here for 10 days. After she leaves, I’ll have lots of material for new posts, I’m sure.

So, stay tuned. Keep and ear to the ground. Etc.