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Here is just a quick story (fiction…so far) to hold us all over until after my sister leaves and I can properly get back to writing. As always, feedback is appreciated! Enjoy! ~ Joan

WARNING: Sexually explicit content. Do not read if you’re under 18 yrs old. Adult and mature matter. Got it?

Last night I went to sleep happily with thoughts of you and your sensual voice swimming through my head. I had the most delicious dream about us. I must warn you, though, if by chance you are reading this letter in public, I advise you to stop reading at this moment and resume at a time and place where you have more privacy. One never knows what may arise from reading the following contents.

In my dream, you and I were going out to dinner it seemed for a special occasion. After some moments in the restaurant, it occurred to me that this was your birthday and we were celebrating. You were wearing that blue suit, perfectly tailored to your perfect body; I was in that black dress you love so much. The short one with the low back that just hugs my hips. You ordered our drinks, a cranberry/vodka for me and a 7 and 7 for you. When the drinks came, we clinked to your good health and another year of happiness and success. We drank, staring knowingly into each others’ eyes, sharing the belief that making a cheers without maintaining eye contact means bad luck and bad sex, for sure. We never take that risk.

We sat and drank, making pleasant conversation. You flirting with me, me blushing and feigning embarrassment. Our usual game, full of innuendo and double entendres. This is how lovers like us communicate; they have their own code that has slowly developed from a history of having sex. Every look, eye brow raise, and smirk is placed perfectly and means something.

When the first drinks were drained, I let one of my high-heels dangle off of my toe while I slowly began to trail my foot from your ankle to your mid-shin. Up and down, lightly, softly. Up and down. You, ever the opportunist and ready for a challenge, flashed your wide grin at me and just kept making conversation. You could tell that my mind was drifting. You knew what I wanted. At this point, you were just playing with me to see who would break first. I knew your game, and called your play. I let my foot trail higher up your leg, then I ran it down and just tucked it under your pant leg briefly so you could feel my skin.

Then, in a quickly and strongly, I felt your hand firmly holding my knee under the table. Leaning in towards me, grinning, you quietly said, “What’s this, baby? You want to play?” My mind started to race. I wanted to stand up and scream “yes!” but I knew that decorum required otherwise. Worried that if I tried to speak nonsense would come out, all I could do was bite my lower lip and smile while nodding my head. I could see in your eyes that this was going to be no ordinary night out from here.

“Alright, baby,” you said, “listen very carefully. You know that you are going to swallow my cum tonight. First, I want you to agree to do whatever I ask. It is my birthday, after all.” I love it when you get bossy with me. And you know situations which require more self-control are not my strong suit. I hesitated for a minute, but then agreed hoping that I wasn’t about to regret this decision, yet knowing deep down that regret wasn’t possible, whatever lay in store.

“Good girl. Are you my little slut tonight?” You asked. I smiled, blushed, and nodded as I could feel your hand slowly moving up my thigh from my knee. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter sitting there in anticipation of what you wanted, desperate to take you to the bathroom and let you fuck my wet, aching pussy. “Say it,” you commanded. “Yes,” I whispered, locking eyes with you until I felt a sharp pinch on the inside of my thigh. “Yes, what?” You said. Oh, so this is how you want to play, I thought. “Yes, Sir, I’m your little slut tonight,” I whispered so softly it was just barely audible. “That’s better,” you said with that million-dollar smile as you leaned in to kiss me.

I closed my eyes, expecting to receive a tender kiss, but instead I just felt your hot breath on my face. I opened my eyes to find your face was a mere hair away from mine. You were still smiling, but the smile had changed to something a little more devilish. Looking into your eyes, you removed your hand from my thigh and mouthed the words, “get down.” My eyes widened as I registered what you were telling me to do. With a satisfaction that comes from sufficiently shocking me, you leaned back in your chair. “Well, baby? You know what to do.”

I hesitated for a moment, looking around to see if anyone was watching us. Knowing me as well as you do, you said, “no one’s watching, baby. You’re wasting time…I thought you were going to do whatever I ask tonight…” Knowing how much I hate to have my bluff called, I took a deep breath then slipped under the table, grateful for the floor-length tablecloths. Just as I was getting used to my new surroundings, I heard the waitress approach you asking if we were ready to order. “My girlfriend has just gone to the restroom. A few minutes for her to come back, please? But I’ll take another drink while I wait,” You said as cool and collected as ever.

I knew why I was under there. I knew what you wanted. Slowly, I began running my hands up the inseam of your pants. You spread your legs a little wider for me. Through your pants I could feel your bulge in your groin. Knowing that you were eager for me to use my mouth, I purposefully took my time using my hands to play with your dick through the fabric of your pants. Then, my phone fell under the table. It had an SMS from you: Is that how good girls behave?

“Two can play at this game,” I thought as I slowly, slowly, slowly unzipped the fly of your pants. Unable to wait much longer, you reached under the table and freed your hard cock from both your boxers and your pants. You are so big, I often marvel at how lucky I am to have you as my lover. Smiling at the sight of your perfect dick, so hard in anticipation and desire for me, I couldn’t help but lightly run my finger around the tip of it then down the shaft all the way to your balls. You have such a nice cock and it’s not often I get to sit and admire it for a moment, feeling the soft skin, seeing the way it reacts to my touch.

I knew that if I waited much longer I would be in some serious trouble later. And although the thought of how I you might possibly punish me was enticing and intriguing, it was your birthday after all. I inched closer to you, on my knees under the table, careful not to bump my head. I placed my hands on your thighs and came in to start kissing your rock hard dick. I start kissing it at the tip and work my way all the way down the shaft, stopping just above the balls, on the way back up, I let my tongue slip out of my mouth and I lick your cock from base to tip, just the way I know you like it. Then, I do the same thing on the other side, kissing it all the way down, worshipping it with every gentle kiss, then running my tongue the length back up to the tip. I can hear people walking around the table, ignorant to what is happening underneath. The waitress returns with your drink. I feel you reaching to take a sip.

Inspired, I quickly take your whole cock into my mouth and down my throat in one graceful move. From above, I hear you place your drink down on the table, a little less gently than usual and that makes me smile. As I slowly pull my mouth up your cock, I listen to the deep breath you are taking. Now your whole cock is wet from me and I start using my hands while I use my mouth. I start out slowly. Steady, firm rhythm: up, down…up, down…in and out…my hand moves in time with my mouth. Sometimes I only take your tip into my mouth, then I easily slide your enormous dick down my throat and take the whole thing, catching you off-guard.

I start to pick up the pace, imagining in my head what your face above the table looks like as you try to maintain your composure, while I am down here with all the glory. Then, just to see what you’ll do, I pause for a second, excited that this could bring out the aggressive side of you that I love so much.

I am lightly kissing the tip, when your hand appears under the table. You, taking a fist full of my hair, you force my head down all the way onto your cock and hold it there for a moment. I love it, but the force catches me by surprise and you are so deep in my throat I have trouble breathing for a second. Grabbing your thighs and squeezing, I let you know that you need to let me up for air. You do but you keep your hand on my head, encouraging me to bob up and down faster and faster. My left hand holding your balls, the other moving with my mouth, up and down the shaft of your perfect cock.

I moan softly, feeling my pussy growing wetter and wetter as my clit swells up. I am so turned on. All I want is to feel your dick deep inside me filling me your warmth, allowing me to cum at the same time as you, but now, under the table, is about you and your pleasure. I know you are close to cumming. I can see your toes curling through your shoes as you grab my hair in a tighter fist. I can feel your muscles in your legs tightening as you prepare to release your warm cum into my mouth and down my throat. Faster, deeper, and just as I begin to moan again, I feel your exploding cock in my mouth. My mind is racing, “yesssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!”

Stopping for a moment to let you throb in my mouth, I hear you faintly whispering my name up above. I slowly remove my mouth, licking you up and down, intent on cleaning every last drop with my tongue. I pull away and smile to myself. I’m so wet, swallowing everything that you have given me.

Quickly, smoothing out my hair and cleaning the corners of my mouth, I emerge from under the table. Your eyes say it all. There is no need for words in this moment. I smile at you, feeling very proud of myself, and say “give me your hand under the table.” You do, expecting me to just want to hold hands for a moment. In your hand, I place my soaked through, balled up thong. As you register what you are holding, you look at me and grin with one eyebrow arched. “You can keep those until later,” I say, and I return to looking at the menu, smiling widely and feeling very pleased and satisfied with myself. You put my panties in your pocket, and I could tell that you were thinking about the ride I am in for later. I started to feel my pussy, now panties-less getting wet again with excitement. I just knew that it was going to be a long, wonderful night.

But, alas, it was all just a dream..