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I arrived in North Carolina yesterday morning at 8:00am east coast time. I had been traveling for the previous 13 hours and I was tired and hungry. I had managed to make the best of the last bumpy flight between EWR and RDU by befriending this very handsome, very tall man who shared my seat row. His name is Paul. More on him later.

Anyway, I knew my parents were going to be picking me up so imagine my surprise when my sister was also sitting there! Turns out my mom’s car died just as she pulled into the airport parking lot, called AAA, and then called Misi for an SOS pick up. Of course I was grateful to Misi for saving the day but then she went started her tirade about how our other sister, Anne, should buy mom a new car. All the way from the arrival gate to the baggage claim, she was saying “why should I have all the fun with mom. Someone should just tell her that she can either fork up money for a new car or I’m sending mom to go live with her. And let me tell you that buying the car is a helluva lot cheaper than having them live with you. I have those numbers if she wants to see them…” All the way to the parking lot. All the way down the highway to the house. In front of mom and dad. Welcome to North Carolina, Joan.

And people wonder why I don’t get excited about coming here.

After a shower and some lunch (at 9AM), mom, Misi and I went shopping. Old Navy, Marshall’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, DSW, and Wold Market. On the plus side, I got most of my shopping done in those couple of hours! I’m excited about my new shoes and new clothes.

We came home, ate lunch, and I was asleep in bed by 5PM.

Today and tomorrow promise to be quiet days. Especially with mom not having a car.

Maybe Paul from the plane will call me…he seemed nice and normal. 😉