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This morning, I woke up at 4AM and wrote a beautiful blog outlining my day yesterday. I explained in great literary detail every stop mom, sister Misi, and I made on our shopping journey yesterday which started at 8AM and concluded by 12PM. Then, perhaps because I am jet lagged and not thinking straight (or maybe I just can’t work my new iPad), it disappeared. I can’t find it anywhere. I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

Well, I won’t go into such great detail again, outlining the itinerary from yesterday. Instead, I’ll just say that we three Jews returned home with 2 boxes of groceries from BJ’s, 17 bottles of wine and 2 cases of beer from the ABC store, 5 bottles of actual booze from the liquor store, a plastic bed sheet for Misi’s boyfriend’s brother (don’t ask), and we were down one pair of shoes which was returned to Macy’s.

I think the story is better boiled down to basics, anyway.

Today is Christmas. I’ve been up since 4AM, but it’s now 11AM and I’m still in pajamas. Mom is cooking. I’m napping and watching Christmas “did you know’s” on the history channel in between napping.

So far this has been a good trip. I’m leaving the south tomorrow to go up to NYC to see my brother, David, and best friend, Laura. I’m grateful that this trip has been relatively painless (just normal bumps and family fussiness) and that I have not had to endure one single trip to Walmart. Usually we’ve gone 3 times by this point in the trip…

Merry Christmas, everyone!!

And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, happy Wednesday!! 🙂