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I am sitting in the airport, at my gate, blogging on the go for the first time ever! How liberating this is!

Anyway, my flight to NYC is an hour late…so far. I’m not entirely sure why, though. The weather is clear, the airport isn’t crowded or busy…I even zoomed through security in a new record low of 30 minutes! So what the hell, people?! I have places to be!

My time in North Carolina was nice. Despite the point of this trip being to spend more time with my father, though, he did his usual thing of hibernating in the bedroom until meal time. On the few and rare occasions that he would sit with us in the living room, he would be sound asleep. It’s not like we had some good quality time together and I’m frustrated by that. According to my mom, he’s just happy knowing I’m in the house and looking across the table at me when we’re having dinner. I have to believe her, because if it’s not true, what was the point of this trip other than to buy my weight in m&m’s?

I’m so excited to be in NYC. Seeing Laura is looooooong overdue. AND as an added bonus, her fiancé is leaving us alone for the 3 days and giving us girl time. Whether he has done that on purpose or his schedule just worked out that way, I don’t know; but I am grateful to have this time for just the two of us. Time to chat, cry, giggle, snuggle, be insane, nap, eat, and not have to censor anything. It will be so nice…that is, if the plane ever let’s us on and gets me there…

NYC, here I come! Eventually!