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Tell the world! I’m coming home!

I’m so excited! Yes, it was a bit sad to leave Laura, but I’m so excited!

I’m at the gate in Newark airport waiting to be let into the gate area. Because it’s an Israel flight, there is one final layer of security before entering the specific gate. It keeps us safe, I guess, so I’m ok with it. Meanwhile I have the pleasure of flying tonight with not one, but TWO Taglit groups… They are just SO PUMPED to be going to Israel for the first time, which I can totally appreciate, but they better be ready to tone it down and sleep on the flight. 11 hours of awkward getting-to-know-you conversations and Jewish fratboy small talk will just not do.

I’m going home. This time tomorrow night I’ll be back in my country, my city, my apartment, my time zone. Eating my food, breathing my air and loving every minute of it. I can’t wait to be home!

I’ll be back in the US for Laura’s wedding in March for a few days (actually like 36 hours), but that will be a totally different type of trip. So fast, no family, no time to breathe, no shopping. Just in and out for wedding happiness. It will be fun, but so fast and insane.

Will I miss America until then? No. Well, I’ll miss Laura and my mom. And I’ll miss the magic ability to have unlimited hot water at the turn of a faucet. If I could combine Israel’s water pressure with America’s hot water supply, that would be heaven.

Talk to you all from Tel Aviv!!