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I have to say…2014 is turning out to be pretty good so far (knock on wood)!

I thought of something while I was in the shower tonight…if my goal is to worry less in 2014, like to be more carefree, then that means that I need to be less concerned with or about other people and more focused on myself. I am able to stop being worried about keeping everyone around me happy and our relationship easy. If something lo bali(doesn’t appeal to me), I’m just not gonna endure it. And if someone is accidentally offended or annoyed or put off because of something I want to do, f-it. You can’t please everyone, so you should be concerned with pleasing yourself.

I must say, it’s easier than I thought it was going to be to turn off the caring. Pretty fun too.

Last night, I went out with Kelly, her boyfriend, and 2 young belligerent drunk American army men. They were disgusting. I felt like I needed to take a shower after spending 1 hour at dinner with them. Even Kelly thought they were too much (which is saying something because “drunk American” is Kelly’s middle name). Intermittently one was trying to pet me (like my hair) and walk me home then the other would come try to hold my hand. They were wasted. Maybe last year I would have gently wiggled away and smiled though it for Kelly’s sake, I had no problem last night being upfront and blunt about my disapproval of their actions. Especially those directed towards me. Then when I found out they were only 24 and 25, I lost my shit.

Yeah, they’re babies. But they are representative of everything I hate about American boys who grow up to be American assholes. They were sloppy and embarrassing and weak. They were drunk and whiny and irritating.

On the other hand, I have a date tonight with a good looking Israeli. Yes, I said I wouldn’t proclaim these things anymore, but screw it. I met him on tinder, because why not. He seems nice and we’ll see what happens!

That’s all for my ADD rant tonight. Shabbat shalom!