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I’m currently laying in bed in Laura’s honeymoon suite. It’s 6:09am in upstate NY, I’ve been up since 4:30am, I’m jet lagged, and I’ve been in America less than 48 hours.

It feels like I’ve been away from home for weeks.

I actually left Israel to begin this journey at 2:30am last Thursday morning…2 days ago. Ages ago.

So far this trip has been ok. I’ve done my maid of honor duties the best I can, putting out fires between Laura and her soon to be mother-in-law, making sure she eats, getting her hotel room changed because the first one had an adjoining room with small children in it…etc. But I’m feeling very guilty for not having been here for the other preparations.

She’s had a dress fiasco: starting with the epic quest to find a dress and then settling on one that she “didn’t hate,” culminating in the tailor taking it in too much so now she can’t breath in it. A 2nd “party dress” and new shoes later, it’s ok-ish, but certainly not ideal.

She’s had issues with her mother-in-law-to-be trying to take too much control of the wedding and then being mad that she’s doing so much. But I learned yesterday that this woman is very bitchy and going through menopause so, it makes a bit more sense. But still, things almost got really ugly yesterday. (That is, if you don’t count Laura and her fiancé being in individual screaming matches with her throughout the day that left all three if them in tears and the rest of us awkwardly trying to not get involved in the other room)

This same woman threw a bridal shower for her in upstate NY (even though Laura lives in NYC) and then told her she could only invite 3 of her girlfriends because the shower “was really to introduce her to grandma’s friends from church.”

This woman is delusional.

She hasn’t had a bachelorette party. I planned on doing bachelorette-things with her yesterday but shit hit the fan so early in the morning yesterday that the day was a wash with last minute preparations and fighting.

But she and her fiancé seem really happy. I’m excited for them.

I’m also excited/nervous to see all these people whom I haven’t seen in almost 3 years. It will be quite a reunion…maybe. Or if it’s anything like my friend Anthony’s reaction to seeing me after 3 years away, “oh hey!” It will be underwhelming. We’ll see.

I’m also really excited about finally having my own hotel room tonight. The night two nights Laura and I have been hotel-hopping together which has been fun, but I’m ready to shower and sleep naked.

And finally, Sunday afternoon, I’ll be headed home again, to arrive on Monday afternoon. Going home is always the best part.

If other news, back at home in the holyland, I moved into a new slightly bigger apartment a few weeks ago! That’s mostly why I’ve been too preoccupied to write…moving and unpacking and shopping and cleaning etc has kept me really busy. But my apartment is much more comfortable now and people can actually come over and stay comfortably! I upgraded from the shoe box to a nice size hat box, and I’m really loving it. It has a balcony and everything!

6:30am. Laura’s alarm is going to go off in an hour or so. I’m starving. Time to go forage.

Thanks for sticking with me, even in periods of quiet, to those of you who do! ❤️❤️❤️