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Here is my speech from Laura’s wedding yesterday… Enjoy!

Hi everyone. My name is Joan and I’m Laura’s best friend. Today we’re here to celebrate the tremendous and obvious love that Laura and Aaron have found in each other, but I’m sure that many of you had the same reaction I did when I first heard that they were even dating…it didn’t make sense. I didn’t get it. Aaron was the quiet nice hot guy in our friends’ band and Laura was my crazy best friend who used to have blue hair. Not that there’s anything wrong with blue hair.

Anyway, needless to say, I get it now. It’s impossible not to get it when you spend more than 15 seconds in their company. The love they share radiates off of them and fills the room.

Actually, they don’t know this, but I knew that they were going to be married before they did. Before they started dating, Laura was over at my place in New Jersey and we were talking about the three things she wanted most in life at that point: a baby elephant, a top hat, and a flame thrower. Realizing that two out of the three were a pipe dream, this conversation ended with Laura posting on Facebook that she will marry the man who buys her a top hat.

A year later, the Facebook post was long forgotten about when Laura and Aaron started dating. A year after that, Aaron bought Lauren a silk vintage top hat for Christmas, obviously knowing her very well. She wasn’t shy about wanting a top hat. Marriage wasn’t part of the conversation at this point but when I heard about the top hat and saw the pictures, I knew that Lauren’s dramatic request for a top hat on Facebook had just instantly turned into a prediction for her future. The following Christmas a year later, Aaron proposed and the rest is history.

Today I wish you both nothing but the best and a happily ever after filled with love and joy. Aaron, you are part of the family now. That means my family too..and I love you. Thank you for making my best friend so happy and taking such good care of her. And Laura, I love you so much. You are my sister and I am so happy for you and honored to be part of this, the first day of the rest of your lives. Lechayim!