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There’s a song in one of the muppet movies that goes “saying goodbye, why is it sad? Makes us remember the good times we’ve had.” And you know what? It’s so true.

This weekend I saw a group of my very best friends in the world, most of whom I haven’t seen since July 2011 when I moved. I’ll admit, I was nervous about seeing them and how well we would be able to just pick up and move on…with all of them, it was seamless. Flawless. Like no time had passed even though we never keep in touch.


These are people I’ve known since high school. We formed a group in 2002 and we’ve been stretched in all directions since then but apparently the bonds of friendship run strong in us and time and distance only make us stronger.

It was so wonderful to see them, and so sad to say goodbye 18 short hours later. I cried harder and harder with everyone I had to say goodbye to and now I find myself blogging from the gate at JFK airport, excited to go home as always, but welling up thinking about the next time I’ll see them all. It won’t be for quite awhile.

It was so interesting…there really is nothing like old friends who really know you. We laughed, we joked, we hugged, we cuddled, we talked seriously. Ha col. I forget that my friends at home are relatively new friendships. My longest friend in Israel is Ben and he and I are only going on a little over two years. A drop in the bucket in comparison to people like Alison or Thomas who I have known for over 10 years now. Truly remarkable for someone like me that thought I would never have friends longer than three years because we were always moving when I was a child.

Laura’s wedding was beautiful and magical and simple. Perfect. She looked stunning and by the morning, he stress of Friday had vanished. It was an occasion full of love and joy, exactly the way it was meant to be. And my speech was very well received. Maybe I’ll post it here too. 🙂

My Laura is married… My Alison is buying a house with her boyfriend of 9 years… We’re all grown up.

I can’t wait to be home again. Every time is come to America I cry my eyes out, especially when it’s time to say goodbye to people. This does not indicate a desire to stay with them full time though. Just that I wish my friends could be a bigger part of my amazing life in Tel Aviv (or any part of it at all). I know that you can’t have everything and that I wouldn’t trade my life for anything in the world. But seeing them all made me remember just how much I miss them when are apart. They are part of me. Always will be.

I know I’ll see them again, though I don’t know when. But I know when I do, it will be amazing. Because, together, we are amazing.