What and Why

What do I do? Why do I do it?
I’m not about to be that blogger that lists a series of descriptive nouns to explain what it is I do, although the urge to be cliche is great within me… I am a teacher. Important factoid: I love my job. Even though the kids make me crazy and cause my hair to turn gray with worry sometimes, I love my job! It’s a great feeling to finally find a position in life that allows me to feel fulfilled and successful and like I’m making a difference. I’m so blessed.

And here, in this little nook of cyberspace, I write. I have always loved writing. I once was a teenage girl writing poetry in her notebook and doing the best she could to be ironic, deep, and dark at age 15. In college, I gave up the “deep dark” thing and found a conversational voice in my writing. Here, when I feel the urge to write, I use this blog as a forum of honing my voice as a writer. Most (aka: all) of my blog posts are written off -the-cuff, in the moment, and based just on how I’m feeling and what’s on my mind.

This blog isn’t a project for school. I don’t claim to have any world-changing opinions or solutions. In fact, my life is pretty small in the grand scheme of things. But, I find that I, and my stories are relate-able. If you come and enjoy reading, and I can provide a chuckle, a smile, or just a moment for someone to know that someone else is going through it too, then, I have succeeded. And who knows, maybe one day I’ll be a real writer (the Pinocchio wish for Janet Evanovich wannabes).


2 thoughts on “What and Why”

  1. hello, fellow teacher with nice blog and dating contemplations 🙂

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