Who’s Who

This blog has been up and running for over 2 years now and some characters are reoccurring and might be difficult for you (and me) to keep track of. Here is a breakdown character rundown of the most important and prevalent people in the blog/story of my life:

Laura: my best friend who lives in NYC. We have been friends since we were 16 in high school. She is getting married to a mutual friend, also from high school, Aaron.

Ellen: a good friend from Scotland. She’s a bit younger than me but she teaches at my school here in Israel and we’ve become quite close both as new olim friends and as colleagues.

Alex: my first Israeli friend that I met on Taglit many years ago. He is a few years younger than me as well, lives in Haifa and is a musician/teacher. He’s the closest I have to actual family in Israel.

Oliver: a friend I made through a girl I used to be friends with before she went crazy. He’s also Israeli and is a serious, thinking sort of guy.

Yana: Oliver’s girlfriend. The only Israeli girl I’ve successfully maintained a friendship with, mainly because she’s so sweet and super smart. She loves to cook and I have come to really look up to her as an older sister.

Ben: ex-lover turned friend/big brother. Ben’s a complicated story and you can read allll about him by searching for the tag “Ben”. Suffice it to say, he was my first Israeli love affair and it left quite an impact on me. We are just friends now and that is working just fine too.

Alec: Ben’s younger brother (who is my age). We became friends when Ben left to go on his adventure and, dare I say, Alec and I have gotten closer than Ben and I in many regards.

James: ex boyfriend from NYC from before I moved to Israel. He’s egomaniacal with sociopathic tendencies. He creeps up every now and then, but less so since I refused to sleep with him on a visit to the USA in August 2012.

Red: a recent lover, who was supposed to be a one-night stand. He disappears and returns occasionally, but it always good for a quick story.

Kelly: one of my two American friends in Tel Aviv. She’s young and blonde and the opposite of anyone I was ever friends with in America. Super bubbly, and ditsy but she has a huge heart of gold. She’s also obsessed with the idea of marrying her current boyfriend.

Taryn: my other American friend here. She’s more rock and roll than Kelly. She’s a party girl who is always down for a good time, no matter what. We often share terrible date stories when we get together.

Misi: my oldest sister who might as well be a robot. She’s a bit cold and unfeeling

Anne: another older sister who is very materialistic and no one gets along with her in the family, except me. She and I are close but our relationship is far from perfect.

David: my older brother who is gay and marrying his partner this September. I’m happy for him but it’s a source of endless family drama.


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